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Mea­sur­ing an individual’s metab­o­lism is key  to answer­ing the two most fre­quently asked questions …

graphic image How many calo­ries can I eat with­out gain­ing weight?
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How hard should I be exercising?

Do you know how effi­cient your metab­o­lism is?

There is a fast, accu­rate, sci­en­tific way to mea­sure your metab­o­lism at rest and dur­ing exer­cise to see how effi­ciently your body is burn­ing calo­ries, sugar and fat.  It is called Meta­bolic Testing.

Meta­bolic Test­ing is a mea­sure of oxy­gen and car­bon diox­ide lev­els in your body. Your res­pi­ra­tion exchange, along with your heart rate, will be mea­sured in order to deter­mine how many calo­ries you should be eat­ing a day, as well as deter­min­ing your exact heart rate train­ing zones. The tests can be per­formed on indi­vid­u­als of all fit­ness lev­els. The tests are quick, non-invasive, and easy to perform.

Know­ing how your metab­o­lism works is essen­tial to cre­at­ing a plan to live healthy, look bet­ter, and per­form to your full poten­tial. Our New Leaf meta­bolic assess­ment and train­ing pro­gram is based on decades of med­ical research and proven sci­en­tific know-how. Whether you’re just start­ing to exer­cise or you’re train­ing for your next marathon, you can boost your metab­o­lism. And that means you can achieve your goal of bet­ter health, fit­ness, or ath­letic performance—when your exer­cise and nutri­tion plans are based on your per­sonal meta­bolic profile.

What’s a meta­bolic pro­file? Think of it as your meta­bolic fin­ger­print: It’s unique to you, and it holds all the info needed to cre­ate a highly suc­cess­ful, per­sonal exer­cise train­ing plan. Your meta­bolic pro­file helps your trainer deter­mine how long you should exer­cise and how intensely (prob­a­bly not as hard as you think!). Your pro­file also pro­vides insight into the nutri­tional choices that will improve your health, increase your over­all fit­ness, and ulti­mately enhance your ath­letic performance.

Top train­ers and coaches, pre­mier fit­ness clubs and sports teams, and health pro­fes­sion­als of all types use the New Leaf meta­bolic assess­ment to mea­sure how effi­ciently a body burns calo­ries both at rest and while exer­cis­ing. With the detailed, science-based snap­shot of your metab­o­lism that comes from the New Leaf assess­ment, your fit­ness or health pro­fes­sional can design a work­out pro­gram that meets your indi­vid­ual needs, so you can achieve real results in less time with greater ease.

So, whether you’re a pro­fes­sional ath­lete, fit­ness enthu­si­ast, or newly reformed couch-potato we will get you on the right track and help you accom­plish your goals the right way. Get the max­i­mal ben­e­fit from your work outs by learn­ing how to train smarter, not harder!

Learn more about how a per­sonal work­out plan from New Leaf can help you achieve your health and fit­ness goals: More info on New Leaf Meta­bolic Testing

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